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The portal Kosmonauta.net (ISSN 2081-4410) is the first Polish web-based publication dedicated to astronautics and astronautic industry. It’s also the biggest website related to outer space exploration and astronomy. Website is a commonly read source for persons directly related to Polish space sector. Kosmonauta.net is a patron for many student and education undertakes, like SCOPE 2.0, SkyQuest, or Hevelius.

Kosmonauta.net was created in January 2009 as a initiative of people with previous experience in astronautical, astronomical and engineering projects. As for now, website is created by about 20 permanent and guest authors, including foreign one.

Every day at least few articles and notes is published, covering global and local events related to astronautics and astronomy. Up to the August 2012 we published over 4500 articles and press notes.

Portal Kosmonauta.net is visited by c.a. 1000 UU daily. During important events (planetary landings, human spaceflights, impressive discovers) we register even several thousends of visitors daily.

Important subject covered by the portal are events related to space industry, ESA and Poland. We are the only media covering those topics in Poland.

Statistical Reader of Kosmonauta.net portal is a person with higher education (or during studies), interested in technology and science research. We are visited by engineers, scientists and public administrations officials also.

Kosmonauta.net has small English-language section, with aim to be developed in to international page. Our English articles about events in Poland are often republished by foreign astronautical websites.

Portal received „best practice” attribute during Estonian international conference NordicBaltsat in 2012.

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